About Keto for Migraine

Follow the plan that thousands around the world have used to maximize the migraine-busting benefits of keto, while avoiding all the common mistakes

Weight loss without suffering. Elimination of brain fog and a clearer mind. Boundless energy.

These are a few of the commonly reported benefits of a ketogenic diet.

But as many with chronic migraine have discovered, it also offers the promise of relief from recurring, debilitating head pain.

Yet, there are countless ways to “go keto.” Some of those ways are great for the migraine brain.

And some are not.

Based on Dr. Turknett’s work with thousands of migraine sufferers going keto, the Keto for Migraine plan has been designed to maximize the benefits of keto for the migraine brain, while avoiding the common mistakes.

Part of the Physicians Guide To Holistic Migraine Relief, Keto for Migraine is the definitive guide to the ketogenic diet for migraine sufferers.

In Keto for Migraine, you’ll learn:

  • Why the typical version of keto can make migraines worse.
  • The keys to maximizing the benefits of keto for the migraine brain. 
  • Why the Keto for Migraine plan is such a powerful weapon against migraine. 
  • When is the right time to go keto?
  • How long to stay on a ketogenic diet.
  • The benefits of ketosis for the migraine brain. 
  • The surprising truth about how keto impacts blood cholesterol testing
  • How to maximize weight loss on the Keto for Migraine plan.


Josh Turknett, MD is a board-certified neurologist, migraine sufferer, author of the best selling The Migraine Miracle, and public enemy number one to migraines everywhere.

He has helped thousands with chronic migraine use a holistic approach to end their chronic migraines without pills, and is a frequently sought after speaker on the topic.

Dr. Turknett is the founder and CEO of the Turknett Center for Neurology & Cognitive Enhancement. He also currently serves as President of Physicians for Ancestral Health, Head of Cognitive Enhancement for Nourish Balance Thrive, and Chief Medical Officer for HumanOS


CHAPTER 1: Finding Your Path

The recent explosion in popularity of the ketogenic diet is a mixed blessing for migraineurs, as the most commonly found versions of the ketogenic diet are not tailored to the migraine brain. In this chapter, you’ll learn how this book will allow you to avoid the common mistakes migraineurs make when “going keto.”

CHAPTER 2: The Tragic Tale of Keto

In this chapter, you’ll learn why, despite its tremendous promise in treating neurological conditions, clinicians abandoned the ketogenic diet for nearly a century.

You’ll learn what the scientific evidence says about how saturated fat in the diet impacts your heart health, including how to respond to friends, family, and even medical professionals who worry about you eating “too much fat.”

CHAPTER 3: Keto Explained

In this chapter, you’ll learn what happens inside the body on a ketogenic diet, how ketone bodies are made, and reasons why ketones may be especially beneficial to the migraine brain.

CHAPTER 4: The Keto for Migraine Plan

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! There are many roads to keto. Some may lead you straight to The Beast. Others can be one of your most powerful weapons against him. In this chapter, we’ll review the basic principles of the Keto for Migraine plan, designed to maximize the Beast-slaying benefits of keto.

CHAPTER 5: Maximizing for Weight Gain (& Loss)

 The ketogenic diet is arguably the single best way to lose fat – and to do so without suffering. So good that the most common question I get from those on the Keto for Migraine plan is how to gain weight.

In this chapter, we’ll begin by clarifying the confusion around the topic of weight and body fat. And then you’ll learn strategies for both maximizing weight gain or weight loss on the Keto for Migraine plan. 

CHAPTER 6: How Keto Helps the Migraine Brain

It’s natural to assume that the benefits of the ketogenic diet are a result of the ketones themselves. Yet, there’s likely much more to the story. In this chapter, you’ll learn how the ketones themselves help the migraine brain, along with all the many benefits of the ketogenic diet that have nothing at all to do with ketones!

CHAPTER 7: Other Benefits of Keto

These are exciting times for the ketogenic diet. Beyond what we already know of its benefits to the brain, the emerging research is indicating that it may transform how we treat all chronic health conditions. In this chapter, we’ll briefly cover some of the most exciting areas where the ketogenic diet is showing promise, from brain disorders and beyond. 

CHAPTER 8: 9 Myths About Keto

In the wild west of the web, myths and misconceptions about keto abound, threatening all of your hard won progress. In this chapter, we’ll cover some of the most common myths you’re likely to encounter in the wild, wild west of the web.

CHAPTER 9: Frequently Asked Questions about Keto for Migraine

Here, I will address some commonly asked questions about the ketogenic diet and its use for migraines. Some of these topics are discussed elsewhere in the book but are important enough to warrant reiterating.

Also, if you’re like me, it’s highly improbable that you’ll remember something after reading it once. Repetition is a friend of memory. So, I’d encourage you to read through this chapter even if you don’t have any of these questions yet.